28th - 29th June 2018 | United Kingdom

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Loss Prevention & Inventory Management, taking place in London on the 24th - 26th April will enable you to capitalise on strategic analytics and cross-functional collaboration to evolve from reactive loss prevention to proactive omni-channel profit protection

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Gain insight into the specific components of RFID deployments in Retail, along with planning considerations by business objective, corporate function and store format.

RFID - Planning Guide

This eBook delves deep into what’s driving RFID adoption for retail loss, how it works and what components are involved.

Honey, I Shrunk The Shrinkage - 10 Ways That Your Company Can Limit Loss Prevention

In 2014-15, global retail shrinkage topped out at $128 billion for the world’s largest economies, or 1.29 per cent of total revenue. That is a sum analogous to the GDP of Kazakhstan lost and stolen from stores and distribution centres every year. Not an insignificant figure by any stretch. 

In the following analysis, we speak to a number of loss prevention experts and ask them for their advice on how to shrink the shrinkage.